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Vallisneria- original die, runners uprooted

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Hello. I'm having a problem with my Vallisneria. The original sends out runners and then eventually dies (see arrow in image). The new growths grow just fine for a while, but then the roots become above ground (in image, the new growth in the background). Eventually the new leaves die, although there are new runners. The plant is provided with root tabs about every 3 weeks and Easy Green and Easy Iron about once every 2 weeks . Light is medium LED. I haven't seen any fish dig up the plants or nibble on the leaves. Any thoughts on what's going on? Perhaps Easy Green and Easy Iron could be added more frequently, if this is a problem. Thanks.





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It's hard to tell from the picture but it looks like the plant melted. Have you tried floating a runner or checking the roots on your other plants? They should have nice white healthy roots.

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