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ACO Sponge filter and Air Pump

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A about a month or so, I purchased a second sponge filter (small) and an air pump as a back up for power outages and/or hospital tank (if needed) for my 55 gallon. I already had a large one with a separate air pump that runs great.

I noticed this morning that the small one is suddenly cutting in and out every few minutes from normal air to almost no bubbles. 

Any ideas?

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@Guppysnailprior to your response, I pulled it out to trouble shoot. Took it apart, cleaned the felt discs in the air stone, played with the pressure, and cut the pigtail hoseline to the airstone. It works fine now, not sure exactly what I did or what was wrong but its going strong. 

Unless I accidentally hit a button without knowing it, it should not be in power out mode, but thats something to check if it happens again.

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