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Betta flicking plants, no ich


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I got Chuck (plakat galaxy male betta) almost a year ago.  Since the first week he came home, he will randomly flick against the plants.  Some days I don't notice him doing it at all, others he will spend a minute furiously flicking every plant he sees.  Over the past year I have tried Prazipro, EM Erythromycin, Fin and Body Cure, aquarium salt, raising ph, lowering ph, adding IAL, temps from 76-80 and nothing seems to make a difference. 

He is extremely aggressive and eats snails and shrimp so I wonder if he is just battling the plants when he gets irritated.  The only thing I haven't tried is Ich-X because he has no white spots, no outward symptoms.  Appetite is great, activity level is higher than any betta I have ever seen. 

Should I do the ich-X as a precaution?  Seems if he's had ich for the past year he would have some symptoms by now.  Even if it's only in his gills, he would be breathing hard and staying near the surface, but he is all over the place.

I tried to get some good pictures but he moves around so much they're always blurry.

7 gallon with lots of plants, zero nitrites/ammonia, 5 nitrate, 77 degrees, 7 ph

Edit:  I should also add he is on my desk at home where I work, so I am watching him all day (not creepy at all right lol) and haven't noticed any pattern to the flicking.




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I would take a step back if it were ich or Gill flukes they would have killed your fish by now fish will sometimes just rub on things for no apparent reason if he's eating ok active I wouldn't treat with ick X with amount time he has been doing this I would rule out ich or Gill flukes 

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