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New Bacopia Caroliniana

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Hello all, 

I got my shipment from the co-op on Friday arrived great!!(thank you guy)! I know it’s crazy early but I seem to notice the lower half of my plant looks to me melting a bit? Is this normal the top of the plant and the bottom of the plant look good! Just the lower middle is in question! I put a root tab close to it! I’m sure it’ll rebound but just asking! And I did get my self a bottle of easy green when should I start using it? My cryptoryne lutea seems to be looking good but I guess it’s still too early to tell. 

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actually, yes, that is common. it happens because the melting part was probably grown out of water, and it is going to have trouble adapting to being in the water. You can literally clip off the healthy parts and plant the ends in the substrate and they will reroot, and make a healthy plant from the ground up.

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