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Neon Tetra Disease Identification Help


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Ph 8.0

Ammonia Nitrite and Nitrates all 0


One of my Neon Tetras has developed a gash/lump around its mouth, and generally looks a little off. It is not fuzzy but I have it separated in a quarantine tank for now. Have not found anything matching the description based on research so hoping someone can help me. 




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Looks like a snout chondroma that what they get with neon tetra disease there's no treatment for neon tetra disease it's spread when a fish dies and other fish feed on the body ingesting to many pleistophora for the immune system to handle the only way to stop it's spread is to quarantine any fish showing symptoms so they don't die in the tank it can also infect Rasboras danios barbs guppies angelfish goldfish other species of Tetras he's some pictures of snout chondroma for comparison @Hoodie



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On 6/7/2023 at 4:29 AM, Hoodie said:

Thanks for the detailed response, that is what I was afraid of when researching but wanted to confirm.

Fish can have neon tetra disease for a long time before showing symptoms its when they go though a period of stress that weakens there immune system that you start to see symptoms 

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