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Mystery fish..

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I bought 8 Harlequin Rasboras and 10 Lambchops from an online fish store.


One fish in the batch is neither.  And of course the fish does not wish to come pose for a picture… and I have tried…


It is a tad shorter than a Lambchop, and more streamlined torpedo shape.  Stays near the rest but just under the floating plants.  Definitely upper fifth of the tank.  Never ventures lower.


Silvery tan body rather faint black lateral line.  Most distinctive marking is a black spot on dorsal fin. Dorsal  is narrower and taller than the lambchops.


any guesses or directions of fishes to look at to see?

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On 6/6/2023 at 7:08 PM, Colu said:

Possible Brilliant Rasboras

Do they ever have a black spot on their dorsal fin?


the spot is nearly as pronounced as on a Serpae Tetra.

This one has no ted spot near tail, and no hint of yellow.  Lateral line is less pronounced.


of course this online retailer typically ships very young fish, and I realize fish can change significantly from Juvenile to adult.

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If it's a very young fish the colour could change a lot as it grows I can't find a picture of a brilliant Rasboras with a black spot on it's dorsal fin emerald eye Rasboras do get a black spot on the dorsal fin @Pepere


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@Colu That very well could be it…  The online retailer caries these as well..

Today is the end of week two of quarantine.. I normally quarantine for 6 weeks after I get them or last sign of any problem.

I have not had any issues with this batch yet.  I should get a much closer view of this one in 4 weeks…

Not a species I had ever considered, but we dont want him or her to be lonely…And given that it tends to prefer the top portion of the tank, I might be able to accommodate it with some friends….


I will let you know as it further develops..


Thank you for the help.

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@Colu I think you are right.   I pulled all of the floating plants out yesterday as duckweed had infested them.  Multiple washes of the hornwort and a dozen or so water lettuces to hopefully suss out all of the duckweed.


able to get some pics today.  Isolated in front of the green plastic stem.



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