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reuse the white cloth-paper-like bags the plants came in as media bags?

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If I don't I don't have nylon stockings nor media bags, can I use the white bags my plants came packaged in that keeps them moist? Will cheesecloth work?

I was planning on putting a little calcium carbonate in some filter-capable bag and inserting in my hob filter to help raise buffer and/or ph a little.

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Short term I think it would work fine.  It will deteriorate over time though.  The best "bags" I've found are the seachem tidal bags (you can't get them any other way).  So if you buy one of their media refill things, I got some zeolite to get one cheaply, and then just store that while you use the bag for whatever media you need to.  They sell carbon and other things that are useful as well.

ACO does sell some media bags, I can't speak to the size of what you're needing for the HoB, but hopefully you'll have some success getting what you need! 

Welcome to the forums 🙂 .

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