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White cloud minnows - tank mates

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Hi guys

I got few whiteclouds in my tank because I assumed they would breed and I wanted to have the space for them. However I am not having much luck breeding my white cloud minnows, but I will have a spare tank in near future where I may attempt a targeted breeding.

My question now is, I feel like I want to add something to my tank. it is a 140 liters tank, currently housing 23 gold variety white cloud minnows, 4 panda garra, 5 hillstream loaches. It is sparsely planted, full of rocks and algae, high flow. I wonder what fish I could add.

I have few options

  • add 10 of normal colored white cloud minnows, to break the color pattern and make the tank feel more alive, but not add another species
  • add 10 or 15 of other species, like some sort of danio 
  • not add anything, hope for the minnows to breed and move them to the adult tank sooner than later, as they should not eat their young

Thank you!



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Beautiful tank! I have mine in with gobies and orange fin hill trout. 

The orange fin hill trout are closely related to danios and are very rambunctious. But the WCMM don’t mind. You could also do rainbow shiners. Quite a beautiful fish that likes high flow. Need a tight fitting lid though they like to jump at night. 

orange fin hill trout for reference 

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Thank you. I am hoping my sewellias will breed  and therefore do not want a bigger fish to not eat them.

What about the mix of normal colored to the gold variety of minnows, what is the opinion on there?

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The orange fin hill trout mostly act like juvenile trout in the wild. They like to strike the surface. I’ve seen them nab a few spiders and flies off the surface. So them eating fry isnt a huge issue. Same with the shiners. They are actually incredibly timid.


I think if you want a mix of WCMM that itd be good. I’ve seen others even do medaka ricefish. Although they prefer calmer waters ive seen a few creek setups with them as the display

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