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Dwarf Aquarium Lilly upside down?

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I put in 2 bulbs from Aquarium co op on sat. The one on the right is going like crazy already so i know that one is in correct. The one on the left has those small red things coming out of it.  Is this upside down and those are roots? or is one just a slower grower then the other?


Hope these pictures are clear enough if I need to take a better one let me know.




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Plants are amazing at "figuring" things out. If those were roots, they should naturally start to bend towards what is down. 

Those also look like the right color for the growths of the leaves. Not sure of the scale, but on my bulb the leaves appear really fast, in fact I have no recollection of seeing such empty nubs. 

At first I think I had the bulb in a place with too high a circulation, and the starting stalks with leaves got torn off after a few days of really fast growth. Twice. Now I have a rock protecting the bulb, but the plant is now growing more numerous shorter stalks with tinier leaves than before. It's almost like it doesn't want to reach the surface anymore 😄

I'm by no means an expert on this plant, obviously, just sharing my experiences and some general plant.. "knowledge" I suppose..

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