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Latest Aquarium Co Op video: 10/10 :)


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I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I thought the latest Aquarium Co Op video was amazing:

Combine that with the previous video for that same tank and you have the perfect primer for new aquarium keepers.  Might make sense to link those two videos at the front of the Aquarium Co Op store website... 🙂


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It is a nice video.

I personally think it could be better if;

  • The fish bags are floated lights off, fish seem to be very stressed in the video.
  •  the store water was not poured into the tank. This may result in introducing stuff that you wouldn't like to introduce into your tank.
  • Quarantine is mentioned. I also personally don't quarantine new fish when introduced to a new tank all together as long as they don't show obvious issues. Correct me if I'm wrong, but green neons are almost always wildcaught. Wildcaught fish = quarantine.
  • Fish are selected based on the parameters. She is lucky to share same parameters with the store. Considerin Acoop quarantine for a period and share the same parameters, that's good for her. But I think people who watch this video may not be that lucky in general. A lot of people order fish online which may have very different parameters or specific needs, and may not be quarantined at all. A newbie watching this video may be lost at this point I think.

Also, to start a cycle, you need an ammonia source. Is the active substrate where the ammonia comes from? I'm confused. I think that should've been explained better too. She reads ammonia, but where does this come from? What if someone does not use an ammonia leaching substrate? To start a cycle you need an ammonia source. Bottled bacteria won't do it alone


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