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Need Help Removing Algae

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Hello everyone, 

I am looking for some help on my 20-gallon tank. I have tried to remove algae from my tank but it keeps coming back even after I scrub all my plants & decor. It is now getting on my live plants. I did once-a-week water changes for a month and scrubbed all plants to see if that would help but it just went back to how it was. Info on tank below.

  • Light on 8 hours per day, on a timer
  • 1 amazon sword & 1 java fern (planted in January 2023). I have not fertilized but am considering it
  • Feed very small pinch once per day
  • Vacuum gravel, change filter & change water (45%) once per month
  • Use API master test kit, all levels good except nitrate (see picture for level)
  • Have 1 skirt tetra, 3 guppies, 4 cori catfish, 1 neon tetra, 1 molly

Any advice is welcome! 




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