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Sunny room but not direct sun

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2 day chart shows Illuminance values measured beside my fish tank never goes beyond 50%. Light comes from north facing window, but no direct sun hits the tank (not at window). Was wondering if this will be good for establishing my new plants, assuming I keep nitrates at manageable levels?


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On 6/3/2023 at 5:34 AM, Pepere said:

Are you hoping to grow plants with only ambient light, or are you going to have an aquarium light too?

Only ambient light...am I shooting myself in the foot? I only have the lights that came with the Top Fin lid.

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Ok, so you will at least have light to see into the tank.

It is doable but you do limit your plant choices to low light plants.  As such plant growth will be slow limiting some of their benefits in nitrate reduction etc.

Worth trying and learning. You can always swap the lid for a glass lid in the future and add a higher power light if desired.

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