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Sick Inca snail


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Hello,  I'm new to this forum,  so I hope this hits to the right place.  I've e had my Inca snail (Shelly,  I'm guessing its female)for @ 5 months now and was doing very well, and active.  A few weeks ago she became very still,  wouldn't move or eat.  She doesn't have an odor.  I tried moving to another tank with cleaner water with no plant food (in case of too much copper). She started moving some then stopped again. She doesn't attach to anything anymore. I set up my new 36 g tank and tested the water and all good for transfer.  She partially came out of her shell and tentacles started to move but then again... nothing much. I've attached pics,  one when she was active and the other is her state so far.  Her tank mates are a Molly,  Platy,  Yoyo loach,  and just got 2 new snails.  Any ideas? 



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This is a mystery snail. I have seen some stores label them as Inca snails but they are more commonly called mystery snails. Their typical life span is onlt about 1 year. Typically, by the time you get them in the store they are already 3-6 months old already. It's possible she's just near the end of her life. But, just to make sure, I have some things we can check. I have some questions to get more info:

1.  What size tank was she originally in and currently in?

2.  How long has she been with the tank mates you listed?

3.  What have you been feeding her?

4.  Is the tank planted?

5.  How long has the tank been set up?

6.  What is your GH, KH and PH?

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Thank you for your reply.  

1.10 gal

2. @ 6 months

3.Algae wafers, cucumbers (but she never seem to eat it) Crab Cuisine pellets, sometimes lettuce

4. Plant petite Anubias and some moss. 

5. Established since Dec/Jan

6. GH 160, KH 180 and PH 6.8-7.2

I've thought it could be the end of her life.  Cutterbones in the water for Calcium.  I've done a few dry air baths, last night she really perked up but this morning she's partially hanging out of her shell again. I guess I'm just waiting for her to die. Very sad, she was so active in the tank and looked so pretty.  Thank you again for all your questions. 



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