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Angels and German cichlids

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I have 2 angels and 3 black rams(1m:2f) in my 160 Liters tank (100cm x 40cm x 40cm). I have one platinum and one black veil angel which are both juveniles as of now.

That is a risky combo I have to say. And you should be ready for a backup plan all alone just by keeping angel(s). Because in contrary to what their names tell, they are generally not really angelic :)) 

My friend's angels and rams grew up together and after months, angels decided to kill rams one night. 

Rams are territorial, especially the males. Mine have started to pair up lately and they always chase the other female away from their territory. They also don't really like the black angel being too close to their territory, but don't care that much about the platinum one. Same goes for honey gourami and most other fish too. They don't care those invading their territory.

No clue how things will go when they all reach adulthood. I may also seperate the male and female in my fishroom and breed them there later on.

Def not a combo I would try if I didn't have so many other tanks.

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