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Nerite Snails are a wonder

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This topic really is for entertainment value and does not require a reply unless you have you own tale regarding these little creatures.

True Story - I have nerite snails in a 20 long rimmed tank and I have two that are escape artists. In the spring/summer I take the lids off so I can better regulate the temperature. This leads to these two little ones being able to leave the tank at will. At night when it is "lights out",  I check to be sure everyone is at the bottom on the substrate but these little ones seem to leopards of the snail world in terms of speed. 

This morning I came out to feed and check on everyone (multiple tank syndrome) and on the carpet half way across the room from the tank was one of the nerite snails. I picked him (or her) up and he was dry as a bone but dropped him back in the tank anyway. I thought he would be dead for sure but no. In about an hour, he was up and moving. 

Just thought I would share a tale of the wondrous creatures we employ to clean our aquariums and enjoy their colorful selves. If you have you own tail of the amazing "animals", please feel free to share.

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