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Do these look like Medaka Eggs?

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I've been out of the Medaka game for a bit but recently got a group of 5 Platnium and 3 Black Orochi from Aquarium Co-op. They cleared out all the mosquitoe larvae that were in their tub, and seem to be eating the bugs. But I was looking through some of the water Lettuce and water hyacinth and found what appears to be eggs of some sort. Do these look like Medaka Eggs that are early in development? I did find some others that look like had fuzzed up. 

I'll go out tomorrow early in the morning to check if theyre spawning but i didn't think they were mature enough to spawn yet. DSC08443.jpg.93f67fce963836ac9d7a35e8cc8f9a79.jpgDSC08443(1).jpg.08d4a1981757d38844f74c6cf4dcadff.jpg

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