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Tank dangers? Merpeople on Netflix?

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This show features folks who perform professionally as mermaids/mermen and in some of the scenes they are swimming in tanks that have live fish in them--I guess the owners of the tanks (e.g. a Vegas hotel) are not as worried about their fish as I would be--the performers are wearing all kinds of makeup, stick-on bedazzling gems, and (they say) lots of lubricant they apply in order to fit into their tight silicon tails. There were rays, a puffer fish, and other fish I did not recognize in the tanks. In one scene, a performer lost a fake fingernail and a fish grabbed it as it floated by.

Meanwhile, if I have washed my hands in the past half hour I'm worried soap is getting into my tanks. 

Maybe it's the volume of water that protects them from too many chemicals? Anyway, it was a cute show and if those silicon tails had been available when I was a kid maybe I'd have grown up to be a mermaid 😁


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