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How to keep aquids from digging up bulbs

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Hi Everyone,

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to prevent my fish and snails from digging up my bulb plants? Earlier this week, I even tried putting each bulb into a tiny terra cotta pot filled with gravel (with a hole in the bottom, of course) so that it could develop a root system, but the pots are evidently new and interesting toys to explore, and in two of the three aquariums where I placed them, the bulbs are on the gravel next to the pots. 🤦‍♀️ In anticipation of questions, I'll say that I use Eco Complete gravel and Easy Green liquid fertilizer and root tabs, and my other plants--an assortment of stems, floaters, and epiphytes--are doing well. The bulbs even have leaves and a few tiny roots, but they're not developing well because they keep getting pushed around. Barring other suggestions, I might put all of them in the one tank where the bulb wasn't dislodged until they develop sufficiently substantial roots to stay put in their tiny pots, and then move them back where I want them. Thank you collectively for any advice you might have. 🐸

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