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Rescaping and Anubias Suggestions

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Hi All! 

I have some java ferns that line the back of my 5g shrimp/snail tank but they aren't doing well. I'm thinking of taking them all out and replacing with more Anubias, which are all doing very well in my tank. 

1. Will pulling out that much plant mass affect the tank parameters? 

2. Which Anubias varieties should I pick to use as background plants in my tank? Planning to get at least three good sized plants to line the back. 

Included is a very poor image of the tank. I'm not the best photographer! 



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If you haven't, be sure to check out pecktec. He makes most of his tanks using simple plants and they often look like yours above.

The coffeefolia you have is nice, would work well in the background.  I would opt for something small that can easily be trimmed. Nana might still be too large, but either nana or nana petite would be my choice for the background. It would look more like a wall of plant vines on the tank.

You could also take the moss and make a moss wall across the back or side of the tank.

On 5/26/2023 at 6:36 AM, Jennifer V said:

1. Will pulling out that much plant mass affect the tank parameters? 

It really depends. Pulling plants will impact the way the tank is handling nitrates and some other nutrients. Depending on how long and how much of the plants are removed will determine impact. You could always start with a trim and go from there. Trim the plants, give them a few days or a week and give the tank time to adjust.

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