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Kribensis advice needed


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So i have this krib "pair" (male and female, but no visible pairing) in my 29. I only recently moved them there a little over 2 weeks ago. Over the past few days, the female has not left her coconut cave much, if at all, even during feeding time. I was concerned that she was ill, but could this be her nesting? While they dont seem like a pair, I did notice the male in the cave, which i noted as odd since she would never let him in there and he doesnt hide much either. Could this have been him fertilizing the eggs? 

Lets say she is sitting on eggs, whats the next move? A big problem is that this tank is home to 6 tiger barbs, so i cant imagine any krib babies fairing too well.

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On 5/26/2023 at 6:37 AM, Fish Folk said:

Probably guarding eggs. Kribs can tenacious parents. Barbs might feel some wrath. But long term, I agree that fry probably won’t make it to a large enough size to be on their own.

So, best to move them as soon as a see them? How doable is raising kribs w/o the parents? Ive only ever bred livebearers. I have some empty tanks i can set up. Lets say shes been sitting on the for 3 days tops, when should i expect to see them? 

It figures though, have this pair in a tank to themselves for months and nothing. 😅

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Ok. Sorry -- that was in your OP.

I'd try to move the barbs out.

You could build a containment basket to float inside your aquarium. Here is a build I did for one I use sometimes...

Or, you could buy a matten sponge divider and group your barbs on one side, Kribs on the other. I buy this stuff online, and cut to needs...



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