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Kribensis crisis


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hey peoples,

Hope all are well.

I have this breeding pair of Kribensis and all has been fine. They are on their second spawn, I've moved the first batch to their own tank. All was fine, fed them this morning everyone looking good.

I go back later in the afternoon and Mom is up near the top looking really bad. So bad I was able to scoop her up with my hand and you guys know how hard they are to catch. I only have the pair in there with there new batch of babies, maybe two weeks old. It's obvious he beat her nearly to death.

Why?! Is this common? I have her in a breeder basket to protect her and hope she will make it. I offered her a couple worms and she did eat them. If she pulls through I am removing the male to the timeout tank. 

I tested my water and ammonia and nitrite were zero, my Nitrate was a little high so I did a water change.

Any advice is appreciated.

The plan at this point is if she seems ok, I'm removing the male and putting the older babies in with her and the new babies.

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Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. They usually make perfect parents so for the male to be that hard on her with fry in the tank seems rare. If she’s eating that’s a good sign though and yeah I would put him in time out. 

If the remaining male and fry are good then it’s unlikely to be a water quality issue either. Just seems strange that he would turn on her but not all fish read the manual. 


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Good news. Mom seems well recovered, she ate and showed some spunk. Yay!

Dad has been moved to the ten gallon with all his 2 1/2 month old babies. Ha! Take that you bully. I hope they pester him non stop.

I will keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn't bully or eat them.

I decided to let Mom be with her newborns for a bit rather than adding the juveniles to. Less stress for her.

Cheers and have a smurfy day

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It was actually the opposite when I removed the first set of babies at like 7 weeks.

Mom beat the hell out of Dad and bit a chunk out of his tail. After the 1st set was removed it was only about 8 days and she laid new eggs. The fry had been out with both parents for maybe a week, then I guess he went postal. They are the only ones in the tank.

I don't get it but there is no other explanation for her being at the top gasping for air and so weak I picked her up in my hand.

Do you think after the separation period they might go back together?

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Just to tell you the end of the story.

Mom is doing well with her two week old fry.

I didn't trust Dad enough to put them back together so with a heavy heart I returned him where he came, my lfs. He is a gorgeous specimen so I'm sure he will find a good home.

100+ babies is enough for now 😉

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