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Does anybody happen to know what these eggs are

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Their all over both my aquariums. I took photo and asked my local fish store guy and he thinks they may be bad mystery snail eggs because my mystery snail was letting this gross green stuff out a few weeks ago I’ll attach a photo but I don’t know if they were eggs or not. Other than that I have guppies but only in the one tank and the other only has trumpet snails. I think they may be copepod eggs but they have been around way too long for that I think so I have no idea. Any help would be appreciated.




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Hi @Plzhelp welcome to the forum. Not sure what the first pic is at all, however what can often happen is a Mystery Snail tries to lay eggs on your lid (they lay on dry surfaces not underwater) then what happens is the secretions fail to hold the eggs to the lid often because of moisture or some other issue- then they all fall individually down into the water. If they are small, rounded, white, small bb sized where some are still a little clumped together, then yes, they are likely failed Mystery Snail eggs. 

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So the consensus is bladder or pond snails but we don’t know which. And I have no idea how I got them because I haven’t added new plants for months. The white pieces in the moss are broken egg shells because my mystery snail had some breaks and cracks in his shell when I got him and the stuff on the top is where my filter pushed the dried bloodworms I feed along the side of the glass and it gets stuck during water changes.

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