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Deworm? Med trio? Both? In what order?


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What should I do first to this trio of Molly’s?

They are currently in quarantine. They seem reasonably active, but the two females and maybe the male have sunken bellies.  They are eating pretty well.

I was planning to do the med trio, but I was wondering if I should treat the belly problem first. Maybe with deworming?

Any suggestions are welcome.




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If they have a sunken belly what I would do is try feeding them more often for the Frist week to see if they put on weight if they don't then i would  treat with Expel p once a week for 4 weeks I wouldn't do the med trio just treat for any symptoms your seeing over the four weeks of treatment with Expel p you could add some aquarium salt 1 table spoon for 5 gallons as well @memorywrangler

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