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Does Camallanus worm treatment really work?


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I have two seasoned planted tanks (29 gal & 20 gal) with guppies, ottos, platys and gravel substrate, one HOB filter and two sponge filters. 
I did use a quarantine tank and the trio of meds.
But later found camallanus worms in a female guppy who died ( red worms from anus)and treated  tanks with expel-p twice but now see signs of infestation (bloated Platy, stringy poop, thin guppies)in both tanks.

Questions: can my remaining fish and tanks  be saved.?

I found instructions on a 6 week treatment plan with Expel-p and paracleanse. with water changes, and siphoning.

Question: will all of the water changes, siphoning and meds will I lose the good bacteria ?

Question:what about the plants and filters? How do you treat those.?

Question: With a planted tank, can you really siphon out treated worms completely?

Question: Does a 6 week treatment really work?

With the cost of meds and the time and effort to siphon etc is it better to obort and completely start over. If so, how do you completely sterilize to be sure you are truly parasite free.?




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Levamisole basically paralyzes the worms making it easy for your fish to Expel the parasites it will kill some that's why it requires a minimum of 4 weeks of treatment with levamisole   they shouldn't harm your benefial bacterial with any medication theirs always I small chance  it will I don't sterilise my filter the  medication should deal with all the parasites if you dose correctly @Odd Duckhas a very effective treatment protocol for parasitic infections @MomOfEightIMG_20230205_003129.jpg.958ff71b6eb3589c6a195a480bc4e5eb.jpg




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Thanks so much. On day 2 of treatment. Lots of worms siphoned. Hardest part was trying to not siphon fry. One of the guppies in one tank and a Platy in the other decided to have babies. 
will probably use expel-p on any new fish during quarantine time after the 3med treatment. It sure would be easier to do this in a quarantine tank than a planted main tank. 

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