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Help!!! Need advice on rack!

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Alright so I need help…. I have this rack that can handle 1500 lbs and it’s 48x24x48, I got 2 custom rimmed tanks that are 48x24x16, unfortunately with the rim the are more around 49x25x17. It doesn’t quite fit on the rack by centimeters. I have a piece of 3/4 inch hardwood plywood underneath the tank as shown here IMG_1148.jpeg.50ed572532b03e0dbc37c23de1d1bad9.jpeg


there is some over hang on this tank but the inner of the rim are held by the plywood I’m just a little worried about the overhang… should I go buy a new piece of plywood to cover the over hang or am I making this a bigger deal than it is???

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To my eye it kind of looks like the black plastic on the bottom (last image) is starting to curl inward.  On a plastic rimmed tank, it is the plastic that is support the tank on its four corners.  My advice would be to get a bigger piece of plywood.


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