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And Now Green Spot Algae

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Thank you @Koi I definitely understand that balance is not the absence of algae. I’ve kept otos for years, and enjoyed leaving my lights on a little longer just to make sure I was producing some algae. 

The Black Beard and Green Spot algae has continued to disappear. I am currently dosing 4 ml of Easy Green twice a week as I am trying to limp the stem plants along. They are looking thin though. I am seeing new growth, and hope to get them going again once I’m rid of the BBA. The most stubborn spot is the front of the tank on the substrate. And that area is a little thin... I may pull up the Dwarf Chain Swords and add some gravel to that area. I think the swords would benefit from it, and I’d really like to get them carpeting again. 

Anyway, I am continuing to win the fight. Pressing on. 

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Green Spot Algae is defeated! I don’t see any in the tank. 

My stem plants have all fallen apart. I became tired of picking out leaves and floaters so U removed them all yesterday. I’ve replanted several crypt offshoots to the other side of the spider wood. I also have an Amazon sword back there. It’ll be full in no time. 

I have increased the light period one hour now that the green spot is gone. I hope some of the plants benefit. I tried increasing my fertilizer recently and saw more black beard pop up. I’ve reduced the fertilizer back to what I was doing and I’m going to tweak the light. 

shew! Balance can be hard.  


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