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Would this work?

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I was trying to think of some cool stocking ideas for my 40g breeder and I came across a video of a lake Tanganyika community tank and it look’s awesome so I was wondering would this work for stocking without any problems? 4 julidochromis transcriptus, 4 neolamprologus leleupi, 4 neolamprologus brichardi and 6 Neolamprologus brevis.

would this work? Would it not? Would you change the numbers? Let me know your thoughts/experiences with lake Tanganyika cichlids and stocking a community.


(julidochromis transcriptus)

IMG_1452.jpeg.f651509f8d68e0e19e45cea1eabc1478.jpeg(neolamprologus leleupi)

IMG_1451.webp.0676ac312373491669d85e8d51f97032.webp(neolamprologus brichardi)

IMG_1450.jpeg.356a66f19d861a3d239bfa17e833b9a9.jpeg(Neolamprologus brevis)

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Lovely species! I highly caution against mixing species of shell-dwellers. They really do best in a species-only set up.

I divide my 40-breeder with a matten sponge divider down the middle. You could do two species, one on one side, one on the other.

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