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So I was doing some routine maintenance on one of my smaller tanks, I had recently added some paradise fish in there along with some mollies. The LFS was trying to get rid of the paradise fish and I got them for free. I've two females and one male. (I think) I noticed all thee bubbles and got a fright! Like it was some sort of weird disease or something, but now I'm wondering is it breeding activity? I don't know alot about these fish so any information is great! 




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11 minutes ago, Pekitivey said:

I will have to observe now as I water changed and only noticed during.


Will that have damaged eggs??

I doubt it.

If there turns out to be eggs and then subsequent fry, now is a good time to start thinking about what to feed. It has been a couple a decades since I bred paradise fish but my memory was they were too small to eat baby brine shrimp at first. Green, cloudy microbe filled water is a good first food.

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