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My journey back into the hobby!


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I have been into aquariums off and on for 12 years or so. Started with a 10gallon planted peapuffer tank, then had a few saltwater tanks, then back to planted freshwater, then back to saltwater and now back into planted tanks. The 5 and 10 gallon tanks are planted betta tanks. The ten gallon is setup and going through the startup algae pains but besides me going overzealous with ferts too early and causing green water is going well. The 5s are in the process of being setup. Then I will start putting the 75 together. I have not posted pictures to forums since photobucket went to paid service. 
Questions to start: What hosting service or method to share pictures now days? Green water, wait and let it run its course or do I need to intervene if I want clear water again?  75g stocking help, no heater nano fish and shrimp. My original thought was to do yellow shrimp, golden white cloud minnows, rice fish, and cpds. As many shrimp that can breed out and shooting for 40 or so of each of the types of fish. Is 3 schools of different fish too much? Or would one giant school be better? Will be nice to join the forum with a tank again! Thanks!

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Ok so then ten is green water free. Got a uh sterilizer and it’s cleared up finally. Now have one of the 5gallons with green water. But not worried about it. Put more plants in it and will toss the sterilizer in there and should be good to go. 


I need some help with a filtration decision. I am starting to get her the pieces for the 75g. I want low maintenance filtration setup for white cloud, shrimp and maybe a Cory cat if their is a cool water species. The tank will not be heated and will see water temps with no equipment running as low as 62 degrees during winter and speculation says 72 at the high end during summer. It is in our basement and I do not want to run heaters. 

2 ziss filters and a wave maker? Or other suggestions. Not totally opposed to soonge filters but it is a entry way tank for the house and want to look tidy. So sponges would be difficult to hide vs something stuck to the glass.

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