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I noticed some different methods to raise and lower lights, and I thought I'd share some info about ratcheting light clips.  I have had these for a few years. I got them for a grow light I use in the garage to start vegetable seeds. 

This is what they look like. One caribiner clips to your light and the other clips to whatever is up above.  You'd use the second one for the other side of your light so it stays level.  As you pull the string to raise your light, it clicks and saves that height.  The more you pull on the string, the more clicks you will hear, and it stays where it is when you let it go.  To lower your light, keep hold of the string that hangs freely, and use the button.  This puts slack on the line.  Works kinda like a rock climbing rope.



I also found this video that demonstrates how these work.  

If your tank is in a living space, you can use something like a pair of these attached to your ceiling.  Just ensure you have an appropriate drywall anchor or affix each hook to a stud.


Plant hook

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