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Best lighting for plant growth

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I have a Superfish 11W LED light that came with my 100 litre tank.

I have planted eleocharis in my tank but I do not know if I need a stronger light for it to grow properly? 

Is there a certain wattage of light that you should have in the tank for plants? I know different plants need more light than others but as a rough guideline.




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IMO lighting is a secondary consideration, the most important aspect of plant growth starts with understanding plant nutrition. Light tells the plant when to eat and when to sleep (AKA process what it has taken in during the day) .

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On 5/15/2023 at 1:21 PM, Izzyf said:

Superfish 11W LED

Not sure if it's the flat style light or the tube style LED.  I would check out some stuff available at your LFS and see what the options are.  Being as it's probably an EU purchase it's difficult to recommend something specific. 

Have you noticed any issues with your tank currently?

Nicrew and Hygger both seem to be available in both continents.  There should be some nicer lights that are much more affordable and available in the EU.

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