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At what humidity level do you set you dehumidifier?

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So, my fish room/home office is in our in law suite that is a converted garage.  Right now I’m trying to keep the level below 50%, but it seems to be a never ending battle between my wall a/c unit and the dehumidifier right now.

I live in SC, so the temperature and humidity levels outside are only getting worse.  Any suggestions/advice?

Since the humidity sensor on the dehumidifier seems to have a 5% historesis, I’m using a Wyze climate sensor to control when the dehumidifier is powered on.  It gets power at 50% humidity and turned off if the humidity drops to 45% or less. A/C is set to 77F.



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Indoor relative humidity levels between 30 and 60% are generally regarded as comfortable and reasonable.


Most devices that control heat, humidity will have set point with a differential.  Ie 50%  humidity with a 10 degree differential would turn on when humidity hits 55% and off when it gets down to 45%.  Running a differential reduces short cycling which enhances efficiency and longer equipment life.

Thermostats that control temps typically has a smaller differential as a 10 degree swing would be rather uncomfortable.   Thermostat differentials are typically under 2 degrees.

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