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May be a dumb question, but... (Electric yellow cichlid/Labidochromis caeruleus)


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If you're looking for a Yellow Lab without black dorsal markings, I am not aware of any marketed in the hobby. I have seen it mentioned on another forum years ago that there is a different color morph from the eastern shore of Lake Malawi without the black dorsal fin stripe. However, it is not bright golden yellow. That color morph / subspecies is reportedly very rare in the hobby. The better known Yellow Lab is from the western shore of Lake Malawi, and all have black dorsal markings.

Now, there was an attempt to cross Yellow Labs with Zebra hybrids, back and forth to create a solid Yellow Lab. So anything you'd find is likely to be a hybrid.

From my perspective, I think a bright electric Yellow Lab is one of the most phenomenally colored freshwater species. Load up a tank with a hard plant that they can't eat, and you'll have a stunning display -- Yellow on Green.  

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