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Help Saving Albino Livebearer Fry

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I have kohaku swordtails in an 55 gallon and albino koi guppies in a 10 gallon. I’ve been successful saving the fry by placing the mother in the basket in a separate birthing tank overnight. However, this method requires me to watch the mothers closely and then move them every evening until they drop. Any fry that are dropped in the main tanks are never seen. Both main tanks have very large clumps of guppy grass that you can’t see through but it’s not enough cover. I’m looking for reliable ways to save fry. I have another 55 gallon that has a colony of mutt guppies and between the gravel, rock pile and jungle Val, there are plenty hiding spots for the babies. Any advice?


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You might try taking a large piece of plastic mesh, and bending it into a curve. Place adult brooders on one side with minimal plants or structures. Heavily plant on the other side. Adults spawn, female drop fry, and the fry can escape through the holes in the mesh. Adults cannot fit through.

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