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Setting 90g back up

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I took down this tank to fix some stuff on it I didn’t like and make it more accommodating for my Protopterus Amphibius who was supposed to go in there. Sadly Tambi the LF died last month so I had the tank empty for a while. Just finished up the hard scape and am thinking of plants and stocking now. It’s been a long time since I had a community tank so I may go that route.




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The tank looks nice. The background, woods and substrate look so natural. If I were you, I would stock lots of green plants and avoid super flashy fish colors but lean towards more wild type of colored beauties.

Idk why, the first thing came to my mind is pearl gouramis for that tank.

The wood pieces are nice as well as the rocks my you gotta stay away from the fish that dart or sometimes are well known to injure themselves. I would def avoid corydoras and long fin fish.


For plants, I really enjoy the look of tall big leaf crypts lately. Crypt balansae can be a nice one! Also the leaves can cover top and the wood pieces may start looking to have depth, as they are shorter than the tank's height.

Cryptocoryne Balansae Potted Live Aquarium Plants Freshwater - Etsy 日本



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