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Is this BBA???

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Can anyone tell me if this is BBA on my Java Fern roots and babies? I’m afraid it came with the plants. 

If it is bba, suggestions on how to get rid of it would be appreciated. I am able to remove all the Java Fern from the tank easily as it is either attached to driftwood or rocks. 

My tank is one month old. Fully cycled and stocked. Here are my parameters as of today:

pH 7.8 and steady

ammonia = 0

nitrites = 0

nitrates = 0

phosphates = 1

kh = 2

dh = 2

This is a low tech setup with a hob and under gravel filter. Currently, I am running purigen in the filter as I was having nitrite spikes during cycling. No carbon. 

I dose easy green and flourish weekly and added root tans for my swords and crypt.

If this is bba, is there any hope of keeping it out of my tank without having to run C02?

Thanks in advance! 




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I see what could be a very tiny hint of possible BBA in the last pic just above the rhizome but it could be random fibers that Java fern sometimes produces.  I mostly see normal, brown fuzzy root hairs on the Java fern roots and the roots of the fernlet that’s developing on your fern frond in the second pic.  Honestly I would watch that for a bit to see if it’s actually BBA because it could be normal root hairs or fibers found on Java ferns.

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