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Lamprologus ocellotus blue info

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Hey y’all downsized to a smaller tank due to life haha, and went to my local fish store and bought a group of 6 lamprologus ocellotus blue. 2 are close to adults and the others are medium.  What I want to know, is the blue color variant found in the wild and not man made like their gold counterparts? The fish store said they are way more rare and yes but want to ask. And also any info you have on these types of fish and this type in particular would be appreciated because there is nothing on them.

thanks y’all 

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Awesome shellies! I _think_ the blue is natural. The gold strain was reportedly developed through selective breeding.

Here is one article and here is another.

@Zenzo may be able to share a few pro tips.

In a reply to a different thread, I typed out notes from a club meeting on selected shell-dwellers. Though not directly touching on your species, you might find this interesting…


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From what I've heard, the blue strain is less common than the 'regular' gold strain: so yes, you do have a rarer strain. Most (if not all) advice on ocellatus will probably apply to

your fish, there are lots of great videos by members of Co-Op (Irene, Zenzo, etc.) and those outside about shell dwellers.

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