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Cory rubbing side on gravel


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20 gal hi

Temp   76.3

pH 7.8

Ammonia  0.15 (Water has ammonia out of the tap)

Nitrite 0

Nitrate 40 - 80 (they look the same to me)

I do weekly water changes due to nitrates always above 40. Amount of change based on the weekly reading but usually 30 - 40%. I bought my first real plant other than moss balls in February. 

Last night I saw my panda cory swim along the bottom of the tank and then turn sideways for a little ways. This makes me think he was rubbing his side on the aquarium gravel? Does this mean he "has something" or was he just being frisky? There is no sign of Ick

I have plants, snails, shrimp which need to be taken into consideration if suggesting medication. Medications on hand are Fritz Maracyn and ParaCleanse. I've never used them before.

I've had my aquarium and fish since 2019.

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If it was a short one time thing or only an occasional thing it’s most likely nothing. Fish get itches just like we do, they scratch and it’s done. It’s when they do it an excessive amount or non stop that you need to determine what is causing the excess itching. 

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Yea my Angels do often...mainly to dislodge particles of food that fell into the gravel/sand as they are always hungry, ALWAYS. I have witnessed Corys doing all kinds of things so far...they are an active and weird bunch, why I love em! 😁


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