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why is my timer not working for co2 injection timing?


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I started to inject co2 into my fish tank with a timer and set it the same with the light. however, it can control the light timing well, but co2 injection is 24 hours always, even if I unplug the power of the co2 system. I use the same timer to control the light and the co2 system. And the timer I have is:



Since the timer is good with the lighting, it must be due to something else. Why does a pressurized co2 system release gas even if the power is off?

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On 5/10/2023 at 6:40 PM, Ninjoma said:

I'm not sure exactly why, but it can take some time for the co2 to wind down after the regulator is turned off. Have you checked to see if co2 has stopped several hours after the timer turns off? 

Yes I waited overnight but still the same.

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There should be an indicator LED on the solenoid that you can use to verify the switch is working. There also should be a switch on the timer itself.

I would highly recommend for your own sanity to use the kasa plugs (Amazon has a 4 pack that's extremely affordable or they have the power strip version).  They make it easy and it's much more.... Much easier to use day to day because it's literally just a plug and an on/off button. The entire schedule you can monitor and verify over the app on your phone.

I use that with my CO2 but I also have the mechanical ones as well.

There is a little switch that you might need to turn on to ensure it works (there was on mine) and you would see the little bumps under the dial lift an arm, that arm is controlled by that switch.

If the switch is lifted than the little mechanical time is always on I believe.

Hopefully that helps. I'm sorry you're having issues with it. Definitely weird.

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On 5/11/2023 at 3:08 AM, Andy's Fish Den said:

Sounds like the solenoid is not working properly. If you put your hand on the solenoid and plug it into an outlet and then unplug it, you should be able to feel and possibly even hear a click as it opens and shuts.

Let's forget about the timer first. When the co2 system is unplugged from the power, should it still be able to release gas when the switch is on? If yes, then what's the purpose of plugging into the power outlet? 

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