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Too many snails in 1 aquarium for me

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I should have known better when I did it, but it is what it is 
I got some plant's from LRB a while back, Well when I got
the plant's I seen 1 snail in the bag & I asked him about
what kind of snail it was & he said it was a Ramshorn.

I didn't think nothing of it & here it is a just a few mons 
later & have a tank load of snails from just a few plant's
yea I know about washing plants B-4 you put them in 
your tank, but I didn't & now I'm loaded with them.

SO, I'll do some research on Ramshorn snails & see just 
what I can find out about them & are they worth keeping 
I have nerite snails cause they don't breed, but apparently
Ramshorn snails breed like rabbits & that's not what I want.

So does any 1 want them or can I just put them in a tank 
to let them multiply to feed to the yo-yo loaches ? & do 
they have to have air on filtration ? any suggestions or
ideas, thoughts, I'll be glad to try cause I don't need as 
many as I have right now which is more than I want.

I'm going to take what fish I had in the 30 gal to the
pet store tomorrow & take most of the snails too 
but the 1's I keep will be food for the yo-yo loaches
that's why I have to find out what needs to be done.

       Thank You for your help & suggestions. 

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Posted (edited)

Well from what I seen of this I think I'll pass on keeping the snails 
it's best to know B-4 getting these, nerite snails won't breed in a
aquarium or in aquarium water unless it's brackish waters.


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I've had pretty good luck with assassin snails keeping my bladder snails in check.  In fact, I pick bladders from other tanks and put them in the tank with assassins.  They're also dwindling the mylasian trumpets too.  Now, will I have an explosion of assassin snails soon?  Don't know, I haven't seen any babies yet, but I'm sure they'll show up. 

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