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Holes in plants

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Hey Everyone,

So i think i've finally got my tank "balanced". I haven't done a water change in a week the Nitrate is at or below 50 ppm. I do easy green liquid every wed & Saturday, with a once per month addition of root tabs. For the longest time now even with high nitrate my plants have always had holes in them. Would this be caused by the white pest snails? I've given up on getting rid of them but i'm not sure what is causing the holes in the plants and i'd like to get your thoughts. 



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Fish would be my first guess, if I don't regularly feed my unruly pack of diamond tetras they remind me by taking it out on the edges of my plants. If I let it go on for too long my angel fish starts attacking the middle of leaves...... Another thought is it could be your nerite if he/she isn't getting supplemented

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