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Question about cory eggs

Cheryl P.

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I have a group of Corydoras duplicareus that spawn pretty regularly. They don't make it easy to pull their eggs since they tend to drop them in the substrate instead of on the glass or in a spawning mop. Because the eggs are really sticky, the substrate sticks all over them. My question is, should I be removing the substrate from the eggs and risk damaging them or should they be ok?

Also, bonus picture of a snail cruising around with an egg on his shell. I was tempted to leave it there and see if he hatched it 😄



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On 5/8/2023 at 10:12 AM, Cheryl P. said:

Corydoras duplicareus


You can use a pipette to remove the gravel.  I would recommend doing so to keep them as clean as possible.  It shouldn't be a major issue, but it might.

Congratulations on the spawn.  That's a dream fish for me!

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