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Favorite red plants

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I used to have Scarlet Temple in my 20 gallon hex tank, and it was BEAUTIFUL for a while, but after a few months the red colors started to fade and it eventually came out of the ground so I decided to say goodbye to it.  Granted, I don't use Co2 in my tanks, so maybe that caused its downfall?  Meanwhile, I've got a Dwarf Aquarium Lilly in there now that WILL NOT QUIT!  Seriously, every time I trim back some of the pads, new ones shoot up within days.  Despite that, I adore it to pieces.  The bottoms of the pads are red, while the tops are green with red spots.

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The easiest you can have if this if your first time growing reds and not worrying about CO2 and fertilizer even though you have it would be Ludwigia super reds and scarlet temples. I had Ludwigia pantanal before but it sheds way to much for my liking and lillys grow way to much for a 20 gallon.

Scarlets get a dull pink top but vibrant pink with green veins on the under leaves. Once you get them going they form nice dense growth. The only issue is they get so dense they pull each other out of the substrate.

Super reds are nice as it’ll grow fast and I’ve not ran into the issue that the clippings eventually grow smaller and smaller after so many clipping and replanting. I’ve had them about a year and I’m probably 20+ clippings and replanting in and they’re just as dense and strong as the day I got them. 

Pink flamingo and bacopa colorta are some other suggestions. The pic shows my super reds on the left and scarlets on the right. I just clipped and rearranged the super reds so they don’t look as dense as usual. 


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On 5/5/2023 at 7:50 PM, Scapexghost said:

Red tiger lotus and dwarf aquarium lily practically grow in the dark and dont require any nutrients for months. Fantastic beginner plants

I totally agree, and you can trim them so they stay smaller. Overall a great plant for beginners or experienced folks. 

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On 5/5/2023 at 7:29 AM, Shrimpee said:

What are your favorite red plants? I have a 20 gallon high tech with high lighting, Co2, and a bunch of fertilizers. Any plants will do.

I think the red flame amazon swords are pretty cool looking 
they get a decent size to them, they good for fish to hide in. 

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