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Mom and dad Kribensis


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Hey gang,

I just removed my Kribensis first batch of babies. They were 5 weeks old and it seemed Mom and Dad were tired of them. Lots of head shaking and hiding not the close parental care they had a week or so ago.

I am hoping I didn't move the babies to soon? First off Mom beat the hell out of Dad, now today two days after move both parents are hiding and seem almost depressed. Did I mess up? Do I need to put the babies back or would that make it worse? I am hoping they will snap out of it, they did eat today.

What do you guys think?

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Ya, they got over it alright.

Their tank inherited brown algae from my main tank. While doing some cleaning I picked up one of their caves to scrub off the top. Dad was very reluctant to swim out of it so before cleaning it I got my flashlight out to check for eggs.

It was full of eggs!!! These guys don't believe  in small broods I guess. More babies coming.


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