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Multi use rolling chair bucket


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Hi guys, I just wanted to share the fish room chair I have been using because I think other people might also want to make one/use one.

Firstly I did not come up with this idea, I just adapted it. I got this idea from work where the painters in the commercial construction do it. Although they don't use it as a chair, they use it to move around 5 gallon buckets paint without it spilling over. 

The materials needed are:

(2) 5 gallon buckets

(1) Rubbermaid trashcan dolly for 55 gallon trashcan

(1) strong 5 gallon bucket lid


So the objective is to cut the bottom 3 inches of one 5 gallon bucket off and attach the rest of that bucket to the dolly. I use 4 screws at the base of the cut bucket to attach it to the dolly. Then your second 5 gallon bucket sits inside the first with a lid to sit on. 


The benefits of this style of rolling chair is that the dolly is wider than the 5 gallon bucket making it extremely stable. It almost can't tip over.

Also it rolls really well because the wheels are designed for a huge trashcan. 

Also typically when two 5 gallon buckets are nested together they become extremely difficult to separate, but because the bottom of the first bucket is removed it changes the geometry of it all as well as eliminating any chance of suction so the buckets never get stuck together. 

Also you now have a 5 gallon bucket to store whatever you want to in. I keep extra substrate in mine.

Also if you get a sturdy lid like the one that I have it holds yet another 5 gallon bucket on it very stable that you can use for water changes or moving fish around or whatever you may need.

Also the hight of the seat is very comfortable for looking in on tanks and you can use your feet to spin around or push yourself around. No more walking. 









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