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Unusual X-Ray Tetra bulge


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Hi all,

I've noticed something unusual with one of my X-Ray (Pristella) tetra over the past week or so. They seem to have an unusually shaped bulge towards the front of their body - it forms a sort of unusual pinched shape, and distends more downwards than it does to the sides. I've had these guys for about a month and a half now with no issues, and the tank is about two and a half months old. 

My first concern is bloat - but all their scales seem to be uniform, and their behaviour is totally normal, as they eat, move around, and interact with the other tetra without issue. Is it perhaps something to do with eggs? Some of the tetra recently successfully spawned (there's a little tetra fry swimming about with the adults which came as a surprise to me since I didn't notice any eggs, very cute) so perhaps they're simply full of eggs. I can't find much clear info on that though, how this looks on X-rays etc. I've also read in some places that having too many eggs can be a problem(?) so I'm unsure. 

Aside from this there's been no issues at all with the tank, it's parameters, or it's inhabitants. I'm quite new to this hobby so any help is greatly appreciated. Below are some pictures (They'd just been fed hence the specks floating about) and my parameters.

Fluval Roma 125L

7x X-Ray Tetra, 1x X-Ray Tetra fry, 4x Hillstream Loaches, 4x Assassin snails, 5x Amano Shrimp
Temp: 24c
pH: 7.2
Ammonia: 0ppm
Nitrites: 0ppm
Nitrates: 10ppm


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On 5/4/2023 at 10:58 AM, Gartcreature said:

I haven't although I don't tend to notice any of the fish pass stuff in general even though I watch them a fair bit, only seen it a few times so far

You could do an Epsom salt bath 1 table spoon for 2 gallons for no more than 15 minutes for a couple of days if your seeing not improvement as Epsom acts as a muscle relaxant will help if your fish is egg bound or constipated 

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