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Glofish, lighting suggestions

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This is a question I never thought I'd be asking as I've never really been all that interested in glofish, but my 5 year old daughter just discovered this weekend that they exist....so I'm pretty sure they will end up in my aquarium in the near future.  😉 oh well, she loves them, so I'm ok with that.  Anyways, I have a fluval planted 24/7 light on my 29 gallon and I'm wondering if that would work for having them look good, or if I would need a black light.  If a black light is needed, does anyone know of a submersible one that I could hide behind some hardscape so I don't need a 2nd light ontop of the aquarium.


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Good idea to get a fish that makes your daughters heart go pitter patter…. It will pay all sorts of dividends….


Just using the moonlight feature on an aquarium light will cause them to fluoresce.

Here is a photo of my glow tank with just the blue leds on.


And another with the moonlight setting.



and a final with the moonlight setting and a black light marketed by Glo corp…

the black light clips to the frame up front and angles down into the tank.  It does not interfere with a tank cover and is not noticeable…



personally I would wait till you see how they look with your existing light..




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