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(Lead) Plant Weights affecting (Amano) Shrimp

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Has anyone had an interaction problem with lead Plant Weights and shrimp?  And if so, what did you do to fix it?

Prep-purchase, I did as much googling as I could and the overwhelming response was lead weights specifically sold to hold down aquarium plants are completely safe with shrimps including Amano Shrimp.  I used six strips and within a few days, all dozen-ish Amano shrimps went missing or died.  I'd like to know what is likely the cause... hoping to rule out the weights.  Unfortunately, no other changes were made to this tank in the recent few months so the weights are my only suspect.

Post incident, I did find a short blurb that claimed lead weights are fine except when CO2 is used but no other information or reference was given.

Any experienced insights on any of this would be very much appreciated.

The tank is 75 Gallons, heavily planted, light CO2, Aquarium Co-op Easy Green & Easy Iron dosing, a mixed bag of ±50 small- & ±8 medium-sized community fish that are thriving, tons of tiny pond snails (that were unaffected), UV light bulb inside hang-on-back filter.  The tank is about 8-years old, well-established that up until this occurrence, has thrived.

At the very least, Thank You for reading.  🙂

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On 4/29/2023 at 4:49 PM, Chads said:

Has anyone had an interaction problem with lead Plant Weights and shrimp?

I have not.  I would assume there is other issues with the amanos if you're having an adverse or stress symptoms. I have had my amanos for a long time and would be happy to help any way I can!

For clarity, what is your PH, KH, GH, Temp, Nitrates, and how much air are you diffusing into the tank?  Amanos do tend to like flow, circulation, and oxygenation.  Not mandatory, but it does help in times of warm temps and stress.

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I don't think lead weights can kill shrimp. I have like 10 lead weights in my shrimp tank and I only had a couple deaths because of high nitrites. Co2 shouldn't break down lead weights. It might be stress or nitrites and nitrates.

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