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Weird white chunk of stuff appear in shrimp tank overnight.


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I have no idea what are these stuff, I search all over the internet and I got nothing. These white stuff appear all over my tank over night after I add dozens of plant I brought from aquabid. It like gelatin and the shrimp and crayfish are eating it occasionally, it also have no smell to it. I have a lid over the tank so there shouldn't be anything able to drop in.4f6kjma8fvwa1.webp.83b54a69fac164750e0c052cd1f6f203.webpzr4p5qa8fvwa1.webp.800f438bf2b836e254c34beb16f33c48.webp4rxx7oa8fvwa1.webp.ffd6825e14b451758bbf68b62efa4f1a.webp4f6kjma8fvwa1.webp.83b54a69fac164750e0c052cd1f6f203.webp



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On 4/29/2023 at 6:20 PM, lefty o said:

did you put root tabs in the substrate? if yes , its just the capsule floating up.

Oh right, that make sense...I recently brought a lot of easy root tab from coop and put them in with my new plant, thanks.

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