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Weird white chunk of stuff appear in shrimp tank overnight.

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I have no idea what are these stuff, I search all over the internet and I got nothing. These white stuff appear all over my tank over night after I add dozens of plant I brought from aquabid. It like gelatin and the shrimp and crayfish are eating it occasionally, it also have no smell to it. I have a lid over the tank so there shouldn't be anything able to drop in.4f6kjma8fvwa1.webp.83b54a69fac164750e0c052cd1f6f203.webpzr4p5qa8fvwa1.webp.800f438bf2b836e254c34beb16f33c48.webp4rxx7oa8fvwa1.webp.ffd6825e14b451758bbf68b62efa4f1a.webp4f6kjma8fvwa1.webp.83b54a69fac164750e0c052cd1f6f203.webp



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On 4/29/2023 at 6:20 PM, lefty o said:

did you put root tabs in the substrate? if yes , its just the capsule floating up.

Oh right, that make sense...I recently brought a lot of easy root tab from coop and put them in with my new plant, thanks.

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I had the same thing happen to me, even with poking holes in the capsules and getting all the air out. I'm just gonna switch to seachem or API since their root tabs aren't capsules. 

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