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Battling cyano:(

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This tank has been up and running about a year. I’ve really enjoyed it. As I set it up to look pretty, rather than focusing on function, I’ve finally encountered some issues. Monte Carlo has never really thrived, but now I’ve got cyano popping off. Hard to clean such a packed little tank without destroying it. Might be time to reset. Give the plakat some more swim space. Maybe a more open nature style scape. We’ll see. Maybe I can get the cyano under control and keep this going a bit longer. I really like the look of it and the red root floaters are amazing.



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I would start by confirming the type of algae you're dealing with.  I just haven't seen Cyano enough to say "yep that's it", but I just wanted to mention that.  I don't know if what you're dealing with is actually cyanobacteria / GBA.


I would expect something like this as opposed to long strands:

Cyanobacteria ("Blue Green Algae")

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Absolutely verify it is cyanobacteria. I had this before in an old tank (as recommend Nabokovfan87)

If it's verified you can use toothbrush (not one own 🙃) delicate get as much as you can. Then hit it will 3% Hydrogen Perioxide (as recommend by John Henry)

I don't know if it can be removed from tank (Super Glue, Caulk) I'd recommend it to treat it. If attached, I would recommend taking out the floating plants, into a small bucket or tuperware. Doing a water change below the line, treat with Hydrogen peroxide. Let it sit for a few mins, fill up the tank and let floaters go. Hopefully, this helps. 

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